Fix Your Crown by Callie Rae

“Are you sure about this, mia figlia?”

I look over my shoulder towards where Papa is standing in the doorway staring at me. I smile. “Of course.” Turning towards him, I shrug. “This was my idea, everything will be fine, you will see.” I see his shoulders relax slightly. I know that he won’t show his worry to anyone else, but as his daughter, he has always been more open with me. Being the Padrino of one of the most influential crime families in Italy, he cannot afford to show vulnerability because the other crime families will eat him alive.

“If Gino does not treat you right, you tell me, you hear me, Amore?” I make my way towards him.

The lines next to his eyes are evidence that he’s worried about my future.

“You know I can take care of myself,” I say as I slide my arms around his waist and lay my head against his chest like I used to do when I was a little girl. His arms hug me close. I might be all grown up, and now twenty-five, but he will always consider me his little girl.

“Yes, I know you can, but you are going to be living with a different famiglia. They will be suspicious initially, so if you have any problems, come home.”

The reason why I decided to join our two famiglia’s was to strengthen our position within the underworld. The Nessun Perdono Crime Famiglia is strong in its own right, but it’s nothing like the Capella Famiglia.

I met Gino at a charity ball. There was chemistry between us from the minute our eyes clashed, but because of our families, we have kept away.

When I heard Leo, my older brother and the next in line to be Boss of The Nessun Perdono crime Famiglia, telling everyone at the meeting what predicament we were in, I found the perfect opportunity to get to know Gino, and to suggest to everyone that we could join the two Famiglias in matrimony.

Since the death of Constantine, one of the other famiglia’s Bosses, his son Matteo, has decided to wage war against us. He wants to be the strongest Famiglia around, but first, he needs to conquer us before he can go after the Capella Famiglia. He knows that it will be suicide to try to stand against Dominique.

Papa refused to even consider it at first, but being the stubborn, hard-headed woman that I am, I decided to meet with Dominique, the Capella Famiglia Boss, and propose a deal to him that would have been hard to refuse.

One thing I wasn’t expecting was him not agreeing immediately. As the Boss of the famiglia, I would have thought he would have agreed to the union himself, but out of respect for his Capo and friend, he asked Gino first if he would agree to the union.

My respect for Dominique grew, knowing that he isn’t intimidated by his Capo’s or Underboss’ power within his famiglia,

I was surprised when I received a call from Gino himself, agreeing to the plan. He asked that I give him a time and place and promised me he would be there. His deep voice had me thinking of dark nights and his strong arms around me.

This was a month ago, and usually the daughter of the Boss of one of the main crime famiglia’s in Italy being married, would be a huge affair that would last for days, but because of the unrest among the Famiglia’s at the moment, we are going to have a quiet ceremony with only the Capo’s from both Famiglia’s, the Underbosses, Dom, and Papa present.

I was surprised to have received a contract from Dominique. Not so much the contract because I was expecting that, but the content of the contract. It stated that we are to make it a real marriage in all sense of the word.

When I first proposed this idea to Papa, I thought that this marriage was going to be in name only, for appearances and for the good of the Famiglia’s, but after the contract, I get the impression that Gino would like to try to make this work which I am not averse to.

Ever since the day that I saw him at the ball, my thoughts have been plagued with images of him. He is one handsome devil, but there is a dangerous aura about him that most of the mafia men have. With Gino, it seems somehow deeper. There is a stillness about him that intrigues me.

“I will be fine, Papa. Now let’s go before the groom thinks that I got cold feet,” I tease as I lean forward to kiss his cheek. My Papa is a hard, unforgiving man that lives by his beliefs. He has instilled those principles in both his children. I might be a woman, but I live and breathe the Famiglia values.

“Anyone that knows you, will know that you are not one to get cold feet. Once you decide on something, come hell or high water, you, my dear figlia, will get it.”