No Escape by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael Mystery Series


“The Lexi Carmichael mystery series runs a riveting gamut from hilarious to deadly, and the perfectly paced action in between will have you hanging onto Lexi’s every word and breathless for her next geeked-out adventure.”~USA Today


“I absolutely, positively loved this book… I found the humor terrific. I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like about this book except it ended.”~Night Owl Reviews


“Wow, wow, and wow! I don’t know how Julie Moffett does it, but every book is better than the last and all of them are awesome. I may have 6 authors in my top five now!”~Goodreads Reader


“Absolutely loved this book! I love the concept of a geek girl getting involved in all kinds of intrigue and, of course, all the men she gets to meet.”~Book Babe


“This book can be described in one word. AMAZING! I was intrigued from the beginning to the end. There are so many twists and turns and unexpected agendas that you do not know who’s on the good side or who’s on the bad side.”~Once Upon a Twilight


“Lexi Carmichael has to be the most lovable character I have come across. She is 100 percent geek and has zero street smarts, but she tries to think outside the box while putting herself in dangerous places without knowing how she got there. The author keeps you guessing who might be a double agent and who might want to harm Lexi.”~Goodreads Reader