Dark Destiny by Avelyn Paige




The copat my back grabs the handcuffs on my wrists and pulls them high, digging them into the small of my back, forcing me to bend forward. “Get moving, asshole.”

I don’t say a word. If this fucker hadn't left his keys in the ignition of his cruiser, we wouldn’t be here right now, and here is exactly where I want to be.

“This the guy who took your car, Dolan?”

The cop yanks the cuffs even higher. My arms scream in agony, but I just chuckle, knowing Dolan isn’t going to live this down, ever. His cop buddies will be riling him about this shit for decades to come.

Looking over my shoulder, I scold, “What kind of cop leaves his car running while hitting on the chick working at the 7-Eleven? Bitch didn’t even look eighteen, and your boy was all over her.”

Dolan whips open the door of the holding cell and shoves me inside, sending me sprawling face-first onto the floor.

The shittiest part about being in handcuffs is there’s no way to break your own damn fall. The instant my nose hits the concrete, I hear it crack. The pain alone tells me he broke it.

Maybe it’s the dozen or so beers I’d downed tonight, or the total irony of me being manhandled by a cop while not resisting, but lying there at his feet with my face smashed against the ground, I laugh. Deep, loud, shoulder shaking laughter that comes out in spits and snorts and bubbles of blood.

“Jesus Christ, Dolan,” the second officer snarls, moving to help me up. “Get a grip.”

He has to use both of his hands just to get a grip around one of my biceps. He doesn’t pull me up, because he wouldn’t be able to if he tried, being the puny fucker he is. Though he does me a solid and balances me by tugging me upright as I get to my feet without the use of my hands.

Dolan stands in the doorway, his face contorted in anger. I can’t blame him, really, seeing as I’d made him look like a fucking ass. But he also needs to know the error of his ways.

Taking a step forward, I have to bend my knees to look him straight in the eye. My laughter fades, and my face goes perfectly still. Even though I’m still flying high from the effects of my boozefest, I have no intention of letting him walk out of this cell without learning a lesson.

“You’re lucky I’m such a good, law-abiding fucking citizen, ’cause I could’ve caused a lot of damage tonight, dickhead.” The chill in my voice has Dolan’s angry glare morphing into complete and total fear. “Only reason you arrested me was because I let you. Mishandling me in your care just now, though? That was a line you can’t uncross.”

Dolan swallows, but then narrows his eyes. “In your fucking cell, asshole.”

My face doesn’t change as I hold his gaze and take a step closer. I’m already going to the county lockup—I know that much—so what’s one more charge to add to the list?

Rearing back, my feet planted wide, I whip my head forward and slam my forehead straight into his nose. They don’t call me StoneFace for nothing. He drops in an instant, his hands cupping his face as he screams in agony.

I’d heard the pop of cartilage breaking when my forehead connected. But when he moves his hands to the side, I give a satisfying grin, ignoring the taste of blood staining my teeth. If my nose was busted, I’d say his had just been destroyed.

Still smiling wide, I lift my leg and step over Dolan, where he lies on the floor, curled on his side in the fetal position. Without a word, I walk into the cell.

“You motherfucker!” Dolan roars. “You broke my fucking nose!”

Using my foot, I slide the door to my cell shut. The clang rattles not only the bars on my cell, but the ones all the way down the row, echoing through the hallway.

“And now we’re even,” I snort.

He’s still on the floor when I turn away, but I’m done with Dolan and his need to express dominance over me. The guy’s a fucking pansy, and now he’s a fucking pansy with a fucked-up nose.

I hear the second officer help Dolan to his feet, as well as their conversation, but I’m not really listening. I’m done with those pricks, anyway. Their useless little jail cell is only temporary.

After I go in front of the judge tomorrow, I’ll be heading to county, and that’s when the real fun will begin.