My Billionaire Fling by Maci Dillon


A Year Ago - June


“Brilliant speech, Miss Evans.”

My voice fades mid-sentence while discussing the event with my assistant, Kelli, when I hear his velvety voice behind me. Turning, my gaze meets a set of simmering chocolate eyes and a sexy grin I pretend not to notice.

“Thank you, and you are?”

“Lugreno. Gabe Lugreno.” He offers me his hand, and I take it with a smile.

“Well, Mr. Lugreno, what brings you to the gala tonight?”

The name sounds familiar, as if I should know who this man is. But I can’t place him or where I might know him. And believe me, he’s not a man who’d be easily forgotten.

“Please, call me Gabe. I’m too young to be a mister outside of the office.”

Dressed to impress in a tux, I can’t shake the vibe surrounding this impromptu encounter.

“I’m in town on business, and when I heard what you’ve been doing for child slavery, I had to come and check it out for myself.”

He slides his hand inside his jacket, produces a white envelope, and passes it to me. “Consider this my contribution.”

“Much appreciated. I assume the check is written out to the foundation?”

“Of course. Your parents would be very proud, Sophia.”

The mention of my parents sends my stomach plummeting. Who is this man, and what would he know about my parents? A cold chill travels the length of my spine, and I suppress a shudder.

“Babe, there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

Before I have a chance to ask how he knows of my parents, a tall brunette with a painted-on gown brushes herself against the mystery man who has my senses on high alert.

And not in a good way.


Recognizing the woman as one of my clients at Incontro, my elite dating service, I offer a polite smile. “Hi, I’m Sophia Evans. Thank you for joining us tonight.”

She returns my smile, and I see the relief in her eyes as I pretend not to recognize her. Many of my clients support this event annually, knowing what it means to me. And I’d never out one of my clients.

“It’s a wonderful evening, as always. I’m Marnie,” the woman offers before turning to Mr. Lugreno. “We should dance.”

Gabe concedes and follows her to the dance floor, throwing me a casually wicked glance over his shoulder.

What a player.

An hour after the last guests have left, Kelli and I are about to head out when one of the event staff approach me uncomfortably. “Ah, Miss Evans, I’ve been asked to pass this along to you with regards from Mr. Lugreno.”

Hesitantly, I accept the note and slip it inside my purse, ignoring Kelli’s questioning glance.