Wolf Chosen by J.E. Cluney


Please make sure you’ve read the author’s note in regards to potential triggers in this book.

* * *

My paws flew across the earth, swift and as silent as the true wicked beast of the night I was.

My wolf yearned for the thrill of the run, for the wind tugging at my fur as I hurtled through the underbrush, for the sheer primitive and wild nature of it all.

This was my true nature, the beast that was uncaged.

I came upon the clearing, drawing in the sweet scent of early morning dew. I stood shadowed by the edge of the trees, patient and silent.

No more than a minute had passed when the three wolves converged on the clearing before me.

A large grey-brown wolf tested the air, turning his body to face me as the two silver and white wolves joined him, their gazes cast my way.

I padded out of the shadows and drew in their tantalising scents.

I’d longed to get them all back together for over a week now, and we’d finally been able to arrange it.

I pulled my wolf back, my body shifting back to woman as my men did the same. My bones cracked and changed, my fur withdrawing as my snout shortened. I took a few steps on two legs once more, two powerful, thick arms wrapped around me, crushing me against a rock-hard chest as my mouth was ravished.

The moon was our guardian tonight, stroking us in silver rays as my men enveloped me.

I felt Jaye’s soft, artistic hand caressing my back as Nathan littered kisses along my neck.

“I missed you,” Scott rumbled as he broke our kiss to angle my chin upwards, before he dove back down.

I shuddered at the rawness of his rough kiss, so hungry and demanding as my body melded against him.

His desire was evident—both in the air and pressed up hard against me. The mingling scents of arousal clogging the air made my skin prickle as I longed for more.

“You saw me just this morning,” I gasped as we came apart, and he chuckled—the deep sound vibrating through his chest making my heart flutter.

“And all I could think about was you,” he groaned as Nathan caught my chin and turned my face his way.

I trembled as his soft lips met mine while Scott’s giant hand encased my left breast. His calloused thumb ran over my pebbled bud, drawing a moan from me that Nathan happily drank up.

“We haven’t had you together for over a week,” Jaye murmured, his voice low as his hand snuck around my rib cage to fondle my other breast.

“We miss our shared time with you.” Scott gave my nipple a soft squeeze, making me quiver as the heat spread between my legs.

“You’ve had me whenever you’ve wanted really for the past few months,” I chuckled, enjoying their desire to have me together.

Jaye’s warm body pressed up against my back, and I couldn’t help but grind my ass back against his excitement. He growled softly at this, and I felt the hint of claws trailing over my breast as his wolf surged to the surface.

“Keep it under control, Jaye, or she’ll make you,” Nathan warned as he pulled back.

“He knows, don’t you?” I breathed as I turned to face Jaye.

Golden eyes greeted me, and he nodded in submission as his wolf eyes faded back to their stunning blue.

“I’d never hurt you, Tay,” he promised as he cupped my face.

“I know, trust me, I know,” I murmured as I brushed my lips against his. He moaned as he kissed me back, and I could feel his restraint as his hands moved to hold my arms.

He was holding his wolf at bay, submitting to me. His kiss was soft, and he dragged his tongue along my lower lip questioningly, begging for permission to enter.

I allowed him to deepen the kiss as I moved to wrap my arms around his neck and pushed my body against his.

It had been quite some time since that night when he’d popped my cherry so brutally, and he’d come a long way with his control. He’d been out on runs with us, darting through the woods with the entire Pack. Scott had even pointed out how well he was doing on patrols and hunts, and my father had commended him for it. He’d gone from being the Feral wolf that some were still unsure around, to being an integral part of the Pack.

But when it came to me, he always found his wolf struggling to break free. And sometimes I’d grant him permission to unleash, to ravage me and fuck me like the wild animal within him.

I shuddered as his hands trailed down my arms and moved to my hips, his kiss growing more desperate.

I moved to lay down on the grass, pulling him down with me.

Scott and Nath joined us as Jaye covered my body with his, kissing my neck sweetly as Scott stroked my hair.

“How do you want us, princess? In turns?” Scott rumbled.

I moaned as I thought about how nice it would be to have them in turns, but at the same time, I wanted to see just how they wanted to do things.

“Surprise me,” I gasped as Jaye ran his teeth over my skin.

“Well, in that case, we should do what we discussed,” Scott chuckled, and I felt Jaye’s lips pull into a smirk.

The thought of them discussing how to have me only fired me up more. Fuck.

Nath laid down beside me, as Jaye pulled back with a twinkle in his eye that made my blood burn.

“Sit over my face, gorgeous,” Nath stated, and the blood rushed to my cheeks.


“Don’t be coy, Tay,” he chuckled. “I’m going to enjoy tasting you.”

I bit my lip as Jaye helped me sit up. I’d not sat on anyone’s face before. Sure, I’d heard of it, but…

“You’ll enjoy this, princess,” Scott assured me, and I chewed my lip as I did as instructed.

Nath’s looked quite excited as I got into position, and his hands gripped my hips as he kissed my clit. I trembled as I sucked in a breath, and Scott’s mouth captured mine as Nath pulled me down on top of his face.

I moaned and quivered as Nath worked his pure magic on me, teasing my clit and diving his tongue between my folds as Scott happily lapped up my cries.

“We want you on the brink of finishing, princess,” Scott chuckled as he broke our kiss. “We’re going to make you scream tonight.”

I let out a low moan as I arched, Nath’s tongue working miracles as the pleasure built up with me.

I couldn’t help as I ground down against him, and Scott just rumbled as he positioned himself before me.

I happily leaned forward to lick the tip of his thick dick, the ache growing in my core.

I wanted someone inside me.

“Jaye,” Scott growled, and Jaye moved into position behind me, one hand fondling my left breast while the other helped angle me correctly.

I was now leaning forward a little over Nath’s face so he could continue teasing my clit, but I was raised so Jaye could enter me as he straddled Nath’s chest.

I was surprised they were fine with being this close, but then again, sharing me had broken down any walls they’d had about personal space and boundaries.

Naked bodies were going to touch when sharing one woman.

Jaye nudged my entrance as Nath swirled his tongue over my sweet pearl, and I whimpered as they took their sweet fucking time teasing me.

Jaye just brushed against me over and over until I was squirming and desperate, dragging my tongue over Scott’s length and caressing his balls.

“Please,” I panted, and Jaye growled.

“Fuck,” Scott groaned at my soft begging, and Jaye obliged as he eased inside me.

I shuddered happily with a deep moan as he filled me up, and I drew Scott into my mouth fully.

Nath’s hands were on my outer thighs now, and he held me firm as his movements quickened. I wanted to rock between my men, to cry out as the pleasure only grew exponentially.

Scott hadn’t been wrong. This did feel beyond amazing.

He struggled not to thrust into my face as I choked around his cock, whimpering and writhing as I neared the edge of bliss.

Jaye was driving into me animalistically now, stroking my walls perfectly at this angle, as Nath sucked on my clit.

Fuck, I wasn’t going to last long at all.

“Finish for us,” Scott growled as I stiffened and quivered.

It was all the push I needed.

As if he’d timed it perfectly, Scott pulled out of my mouth as I screamed, the orgasm ripping through me and making my entire body ignite and spasm madly, the pure bliss engulfing me as my vision swam.

Scott roared as he came on my chest, while Jaye snarled, his claws digging in as he buried himself deep inside me and joined us in climax.

I leaned on Scott’s solid leg for support as my chest heaved, my vision slowly returning as my body quaked in the aftermath.

Jaye eased out of me as he kissed my shoulder, and I forced myself to move off Nath’s face for fear I’d suffocate him.

I flopped onto the grass as I sucked in air, chuckling stupidly as my body still tingled.

Nath leaned over me as he claimed my lips.

“You mind if I try to give you another?” he murmured as he moved to kiss my neck.

“As long as you make me scream again.”

He smirked as he pulled back to gaze down at me with a look that made my core tighten. Scott chuckled as Jaye just snorted in disbelief.

“Oh, I intend to, baby.”

* * *

Three months. It’d been exactly three months since my father had made his horrid threat. Three months of intense training with Neema and sneaking around to see my men.

The first month had been the hardest. My father watched all of us like a hawk, making sure my men never had a free moment to see me around my training with Neema.

They’d taken turns sneaking away in the middle of the night to meet me for a late-night date and some horizontal fun.

But after that first month, he’d realized his iron command was making his two betas tired during the day, and he’d accepted that he’d have to grant some leniency.

He wasn’t happy about it, but he needed his betas on their game. There was no stopping what we all shared, no matter how much he wanted it. I refused to bend to his will, and despite my men wanting to obey their Alpha, they couldn’t deny what we had either.

So, the last two months had been going nicely. I trained with Neema and hunted my own food, doing everything around the cabin to pay my way. In the afternoons, I’d see my men if they were free, and enjoy a nice run or ride or even a roll in the hay.

“So, I hear Neema has been taking you out on hunts. When were you planning on telling us?” Scott grumbled as he sat up and gazed over at me. I was sandwiched between Nath and Jaye—Jaye was spooning me while Nath faced me and stroked my cheek.

“What? She has?” Nath’s eyes widened in shock as I scowled. There was a reason I hadn’t told my men. But things never remained a secret amongst the Pack for long. Neema had promised not to tell, so I could only assume the Alpha had found out and let it slip.

Thanks, Dad.

“Hey, it’s fine, I’m doing well in my training and Neema believed I was up for it. She says I’m excelling,” I explained.

“How many hunts have you gone on with her?” Nath demanded as he propped himself up on his elbow.

Jaye’s arms had tightened around my waist as he nuzzled my back, but I could feel his own unease rising.

“Four…” I muttered as Nath winced.

“Should you really be going out there on hunts? Rogues are dangerous.” Nathan’s expression was wrought with unease and fear for me.

“I know,” I ground out. He didn’t need to tell me that. The rogue we’d taken down only a few nights ago had just killed a poor college student. And he’d had no intention of stopping. Powered by bloodlust for human flesh, it was not an easy feat to take him down. But my Aunt had guided and assisted me, and we were able to put him down with my silver blade.

The one Nath had gifted to me.

“I didn’t even think rogue hunts were that common,” Scott muttered.

“It’s because less wolves are becoming Hunters and Huntresses now. Their numbers are waning while rogues are still out there,” I explained. Neema had told me about this not long after I’d started my training. There were few willing to risk their lives to handle such things, even other Alpha-bloods still deemed it too risky.

“Have you killed any?” Jaye asked quietly from behind me, and Nath locked onto my gaze with a steeled expression.

“Yes,” I stated after a moment. Nathan and Scott just stared at me while Jaye sighed unhappily against my back.

“Killing rogues will be my job one day. What’s wrong with that? They even kill other wolves if they’re not stopped,” I growled as I sat up, tugging free from Jaye’s arms.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, Tay. We just don’t want anything happening to you. Being a Huntress puts you at risk. We could lose you,” Scott said softly.

Whatever comment I’d had brewing evaporated in an instant at their faces.

Nath and Scott looked so lost and torn, while Jaye looked like he was warring internally with himself as he sat up beside me.

“I’m sorry, I know you all worry for me. But I’ve always thought about this. Ever since my mother…” I caught my breath at this as their gazes softened. They’d filled Jaye in on my mother’s fate, of how she’d gone mad and my Aunt had put her down before she’d put the Pack at risk.

“It’s an important job, besides, Neema is there with me, she keeps an eye on me and will step in if needed. You trust her, don’t you?”

They exchanged looks before Nath sighed.

“You know we trust her, Tay. She’s a renowned Huntress,” he said unhappily.

“Good, then stop stressing. I’ll be fine, I promise. Besides, we all know I can kick anyone’s ass these days.” I smirked as Nath rolled his eyes.

“Are you fine with the killing?” Scott asked carefully, and I arched a brow at him.

Killing was easy for werewolves, it was in our nature. But killing one of our own, now that was harder. But I’d seen the body the rogue had mangled and read the reports of similar mutilations, and it made it easier to not see them as one of our own.

Our own didn’t kill freely for no reason, we killed only for food or for justice. Packs were to handle Pack matters themselves before involving a Sheriff or the Council. There were Pack laws in place that were closely followed, if disobeyed or broken, there were punishments.

Rogues were the stain against our kind, and they threatened our very existence.

“Yes, I’m fine with it. It’s job that has to be done, and I don’t think of them as one of our own. They’re real monsters now that need to be put down.”

“You always did enjoy sparring, I had a feeling being a Huntress might actually suit you,” Scott admitted with a heavy sigh.

He was right. I’d always enjoyed it, and now, sparring was something I looked forward to. With my Alpha-blood and wolf now awakened, I was much more adept. Hell, I’d challenged all of them over the past few months numerous times, and I’d always won. With Neema’s training, I was far more advanced than any other wolf in our Pack. Although I doubted I could best my own father with his prowess and strength.

But there was more to it than that. Sure, I loved the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I hunted down a rogue with my Aunt, but it was the knowledge that I was removing a threat to others from this world that compelled me to continue.

When I put down a rogue, I focused on the deaths they’d already caused, and those that would come after if I didn’t complete my task.

Did I get satisfaction and an odd enjoyment from it? Yes. Not like when I hunted a rabbit or other small prey for food. This was something more—a need to protect my people.

“Tay, promise us you’ll be careful,” Nath said after a moment. “I know there’s nothing we can do to change your mind on this whole Huntress thing.”

“Always.” I smiled softly as I touched his cheek.

“Yeah, we’ll never forgive you if you get hurt,” Scott growled softly.

“You’ve seen me fight, you know I’m not stupid.”

“Still doesn’t mean we have to like you putting yourself in harm’s way,” he mumbled as he looked up at the moon.

“You guys patrol the borders in case of an attack. You’re putting yourselves in danger every time you go out there. But I don’t try to stop you.”

“We have the Pack to back us up if needed,” Nathan spoke up, and I rolled my eyes.

“Look, this is what I want to do, and I know you all have your own thoughts on the matter, but you need to support me. Please. If I give it up, I know I’ll constantly regret it,” I said with a heavy sigh.

“We know. If it’s what you must do, we won’t stop you,” Jaye said quietly. He’d always been the least vocal about my choice, although he wasn’t a fan either. He just believed I should dictate my own life.

“We couldn’t if we tried,” Nath smirked as he got to his feet. “But we better head back. Lawrence wants Scott on the midnight patrol, and he won’t be happy if he scents what we’ve done.”

“Who cares? He can’t stop us,” I stated as I lay back on the grass to gaze up at the night sky.

My father and I were on rocky terms ever since I’d started training under Neema. He’d voiced his displeasure at our relationship, but since I was no longer under his jurisdiction properly whilst being trained, there was little he could do. And controlling the men had proved too difficult for him. Completely forbidding our relationship would be abusing his position of power despite there being no actual laws in place. And since he was an Area Sheriff, he needed to be careful. If another Pack that followed the multiple mates tradition caught wind of him forbidding it in his own Pack, there could be an uproar.

“You shouldn’t hate on your father so much, he just doesn’t understand.” Scott stood up with Nath and gave me a sad smile.

“He’s the one who needs to adjust his view. He’s helped with matters in Packs that allow it and even push for it. It’s the new way of things for many.”

“But you only get one father. He’s just trying to do what’s best for you and the Pack, you need to remember that.” Nath stretched as he looked to the tree line before focusing back on me.

“I know,” I murmured.

“Well, we’d better get going, I’ve got to get some sleep before I help with the new fillies in the morning.”

I watched as Scott and Nath shifted and disappeared into the woods, leaving Jaye and I in the clearing.

“They stress too much. They clearly hate that I’m helping on rogue hunts already.”

“It’s because they care so much for you,” Jaye said sweetly as he laid back down and rolled onto his side to gaze at me.

“I’m not like other wolves. I’m stronger and faster. I really think more Alpha-bloods should be Hunters and Huntresses in all honesty,” I said as I closed my eyes.

“Yeah, but how many Packs still have such pure lines? Newer Packs have Alpha’s chosen by their skill and knowledge rather than their blood,” Jaye pointed out.

“Yeah, which is why I feel like I need to do it. I’m actually capable of being a Huntress without as much risk.”

“What’s it like, hunting rogues? What do you do?” Jaye asked as he touched my neck softly, sending a shiver down my spine.

I turned my head and opened my eyes to take in his curious expression.

“You really want to know?” I asked softly. Nath and Scott would rather pretend I didn’t do it, but Jaye seemed genuinely interested to know more.

“Yes. Might make me feel better knowing how you do it and what the actual chance of something going wrong is,” he admitted.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.”