Fairy and Impartial by Meghan Maslow


“Fuuuck,” I moaned as Quinn Broomsparkle bounced enthusiastically on my cock. Now, this was how a Sunday morning should start. My mate threw his head back, exposing his long neck and the mating bite that linked our lives together. He squeezed his eyes shut, golden lashes brushing against his cheeks, and his lush bottom lip caught between his teeth as he sought his pleasure . . . and mine.

Perfect. A purr rumbled from my chest as my wizard swiveled his hips on a down stroke. I growled, claws tipping my fingers, digging them into the thick pelts covering our bed. Oh, the dragon in me loved when he did that little twist.

Quinn’s throaty moan almost sent me over the edge, but I was determined to draw this out as long as possible for both of us. So, so good. Nothing could ruin this moment.

No, no, no, I did not just think that.

“Twig, what’s wrong?” Quinn stopped his fast glide and cracked an eye open, his brow wrinkling in concern. “Did I hurt you? You tensed up.”

“Huh? No, it’s nothing. Keep going, wizard.” I retracted my claws, carefully placing my hands on his hips, and urged him on.

I was being paranoid. A special talent of Bill, our resident red fury demon—and now of Quinn’s younger brother, wizard-to-be Zak Broomsparkle, as well—was to cockblock us at pretty much every opportunity. We’d bought out our neighbors for more coin than my inner dragon wished to think about, and now five days a week we had a construction crew at work expanding both our home and our downstairs offices. Moments like this happened more rarely than either of us liked.

Quinn gave me a puzzled look before once again sliding up my length. He paused. “Door’s locked, right?”

“Uh-huh. All three locks engaged. You warded the room against anyone being able to pop in unannounced?”

Quinn slid slowly back down until his ass pressed snug against my groin. “Oh, yeah. I double warded it just in case. Not even your dad could get through them.”

So, there. What was I worried about?


Whaaat—?” I sat up so fast I accidentally bounced Quinn off my cock and off the bed. A blur of red knocked me to my back, then pulled the pelts around us and burrowed underneath.

Quinn squawked from where he’d hit the floor, and I growled menacingly.

Bill had created a demon-sized hole in our bedroom wall.

Debris and artwork lay scattered across the floor and rugs. Including one of my favorite tapestries. Woven in deep reds, golds, and bronze, it depicted a dragon’s lair, though the artist took some liberties. I didn’t actually keep a stack of gold in my bedroom. One of my earliest finds, it now lay under a pile of wood and plaster. He’d also destroyed one of our stained-glass sconces. Colored glass shards glinted in a large arc across our floor.

What a mess.

Bill poked his gigantic head out of the covers and peered up at me, his thick-framed glasses fogged from my body heat. “You’re quite naked, Boss. And you reek of copulation.”

“And you put a giant hole in our wall.”

“Pshaw, you’re remodeling anyway.” He didn’t even have the decency to look contrite.

“Not that wall.”

“It needs it.” Bill wrinkled his nose. “You really ought to add a private bathing chamber, so you don’t expose us to your fondness for nudity. And sex.”

We didn’t have a private bathing chamber yet—they were starting on that next week. At least the bedroom had been cozy, with its soft brown and gold color scheme, stained-glass sconces, and silk curtains that billowed on the ceiling. Now, it looked like, well, like a red fury trashed it.

“You have five seconds to vanish, demon, or you’ll be very, very sorry.” I clenched my fists so I wouldn’t wrap them around his thick neck.

He pinched my bottom, arse, derriere, badonkadonk,” Bill whispered, indignant. His lip stuck out in a pout. You’d never guess he was the fiercest creature in the Elder. “I know it’s juicy, but honestly, Boss. He’s incorrigible. The human needs a leash.”

I didn’t have to ask who he was. Quinn’s little brother grew bolder with his advances every day. I sighed. Quinn growled from his spot on the wood floor. Teens were such a pain in the ass. Literally, in this case.

Bill leaned over the edge of the bed. “What are you doing down there, Quinn? Isn’t it rather chilly to be hanging out naked on the floor?”

The door flew open. “I wouldn’t have pinched his amazing demon ass,” Zak called from our now open doorway. He wore the Broomsparkle smirk. “But he’s oblivious to my flirting. Thought I’d take it up a notch, make my interest known.”

“Believe me, kid, we all know you’re a ball of hormones.” Boy, did we.

Quinn sat up, rubbed at the back of his head. “How did you unlock . . .?”

Zak held up his hand, which glowed a faint blue from the angelius bindweed powder. “You weren’t Grandma’s only student.”

Quinn dropped his head to his hands. “You were only nine years old when she died.”

“Yeah, she didn’t have a lot of time to teach me her tricks. We had to work quick.”

“Everyone out!” I’d had enough and bared my teeth in a snarl. “Kid, keep your hands to yourself. Don’t be a perv. Bill, for fuck’s sake, you’re a red fury. He’s a seventeen-year-old kid. Handle it. Tell him you don’t like his flirting. He’ll stop. Won’t you, Zak?”

“I don’t want to hurt his feelings,” Bill whispered.

Of course we could all hear it. Including Zak.

“You really don’t like my flirting?” Zak squinted at Bill like he’d never seen him before.

Bill swallowed audibly.

“Tell him,” I demanded. Waaay overdue.

“Fine.” Bill clicked his claws together. “Zacchaeus, I would greatly appreciate it if you would desist with your, ah, forward ways.”

“Because . . .” I prompted.

Bill shot me a sour look. “Because it makes me uncomfortable.”

Zak stilled like a hen before a hydra. “You never said anything.”

“You’re young. It seemed unkind.”

“I-I won’t do it again.” Zak’s voice had a catch to it. He couldn’t meet our gazes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Sometimes you had to be cruel to be kind.

“Apology accepted,” Bill fidgeted. “I hope we can still be friends.”

“Sure.” Zak kept his eyes downcast.

“Great!” I clapped my hands. “You’re friends, no more pinching, and no more making holes in our walls.”

“Well, if you hadn’t warded it—” Bill said.


“How do you handle his foul temper, Quinn?” Bill placed the back of his hand dramatically on his forehead, sprawling across the bed.

I glared. “Go swoon somewhere else.”

Zak took a step backward. “I’m going out for a bit. Um, oh yeah, there’s an orc who just broke into your office.”

I sat up again, trying to shove Bill off the far side of the bed. He didn’t budge. “Orc? What orc?”

“Didn’t I mention that? Heh. Oops. Guess stomping a guy’s hopes, makes one forgetful.”

“Zak!” Quinn scrambled back onto the bed, pulling the pelts over his lap.

“It’s not my fault you ignored your wards being tripped because you’re busy with Twig. At least one Broomsparkle is getting laid.”

“Was,” Quinn muttered under his breath.

I threw the pelts back, and Zak’s gaze quickly found our ceiling very interesting. For being so precocious, he became increasingly weird about seeing me naked. “Let me get this straight. Right now, there’s an orc in our offices?”

“Uh-huh.” Zak kept his eyes focused on an ornate hanging lamp, a blush spreading over his cheeks.

Before I could search for a pair of trousers, Bill grasped my ankle and said, “We should check this out, Boss.”

Next thing I knew, courtesy of Bill’s transportive powers, I sprawled on my office floor, naked, with one very surprised orc looking on.

Now this was a typical Sunday in the Starfig household.