Very Bearly Mated by Rebel Carter


Once there was a witch on the hunt for something...right.

A magic that wouldn’t be too daunting, too tame, or constricting. One that was just for her.

So, she moved, and moved, and moved. From city, to town, to country and back again, she went, looking high and low, trying out place after place, but to no avail. This one was too easy, and that one was too small, and that one was too big.

None of it fit her right.

Over and over she looked, heart and mind open to finding the magic that was just right.

Each time, the witch discovered that this place, this magic, was not right. Because the witch was not simply looking for magic.

She was looking for a home.

But what the witch never imagined was that it was not magic, or a place that could be her home, but a mate. And that fated mates were a magic all their own, meant to fit together.