Jack O’Lover by Eva Winners



Halloween Party - Senior year

Georgetown University, D.C.

The loud music pumped through the speakers and the windows shook with the bass. The amplifier channeled the beat with enough power to fill a medium size club, the tunes bouncing off the walls. Iggy Azalea’s song played through the speakers, some girls danced, others ground against their boyfriends and then some just observed. Tonight, I just observed.

“This will be a long night,”I muttered under my breath.

I was always upfor a good party and a good time, but my mood today wasn’t up to par. The entire frat house was too crowded. Every two seconds, a body bumped into me, causing my drink to spill over, so I kept my cup slightly outstretched, away from my body, avoiding it being spilled on me. I had yet to even take a drink. Unlike other girls, there wasn’t a single boy here that appealed to me. Just as well, since we’d all go our own separate ways soon.

This would beour last year here and somehow the reality of life started creeping in. My best friend and I had done some seriously wild shit over the last three and a half years. And got into some trouble. Okay, a lot of trouble, but her brothers, the oldest one in particular, came to the rescue every time. It was always the highlight of my evening. He was the highlight of my days and nights.

Vasili Nikolaev wasthe star of all my fantasies. He was a gorgeous, scary, panty dropping specimen of a man. Much older than Tatiana, and therefore much older than me too. He was way out of my league. But did that stop me from imagining his tattooed hands all over my body? Nope, not at all. The chemistry I felt around him though, was unprecedented. No boy has made me feel remotely as hot as he did, and the man hadn’t even touched me.

My gaze traveledover the crowd. The Halloween party was usually the wildest party of the year. Most girls wore Playboy Bunny, skimpy bodysuits while most boys just wore jerseys. There would be a lot of hooking up tonight. Including my best friend. Tatiana and I were among the few girls wearing our regular clothes. Well, not exactly regular. More like nightclub clothes. We wore matching, short strapless, mini dresses. Hers was black; mine was pink.

One zipperand off it went. Her words, not mine. I had no doubt my dress would stay on tonight, just like any other night. It was impossible for these boys to compete with the hero of all my dreams.

“Ladies, are you two enjoying yourselves?”Travis and Trent asked at the same time.

They were twins,football players, and this week’s hot flavor on campus. Neither one of them appealed to me. They had the mentality of a ten-year-old and manners of a two-year-old. But Tatiana was fascinated with them; both of them.

“Not really,”I mumbled begrudgingly.

“Yes,”she shouted over the music.

They both haddark brown hair and hazel eyes. Pale blue eyes were more up my alley. These two could be tolerable; if only they wouldn’t speak or stare at you like a piece of candy.

“Want to go somewhere quieter?”Trent asked. Or was it Travis? Heck if I knew, or cared.

I shook my head.I knew what that meant. Tatiana, on the other hand, already ditched her drink and looped her arms through theirs.

“I’m all yours.Both of yours.” She let the meaning linger in the air and those two beamed like they hit the jackpot. Little did they know, they were her experiment. Tomorrow morning, they would be history. Tatiana was adamant about giving a threesome a try. I had to stifle my grin.

With another elbowbumping into me, I gave up on my drink, placed it on the little makeshift bar and leaned my back against the counter, my eyes studying the crowd. Why did nobody compare to the man I wanted? And why couldn’t I get him out of my mind?

Briefly returningmy gaze to Tatiana with the twins, I noted all three of their heads brushed together, whispering among themselves. Probably planning which dorm room or hotel to do their bidding in.

Or bedding,I added wryly in my head.

I prayedit wasn’t in our dorm room. I didn’t want to spend all night out nor hear any of that shit. This Halloween party wasn’t exactly my kind of scene, and I was ready to call it a night.

Shiftingmy gaze back over the crowded room, I spotted him and my whole body jolted upright.

“Holy shit, your brother is here,”I announced, my eyes locked on the big frame of the man striding towards us. Although he had the most unusual blonde hair coloring, he always struck me as a dark shadow looming over his enemies. Just a glance at him could fill you with fear. Or with lust!

Tatiana’s oldest brother always,and I mean always, made my panties wet. He had this odd lure about him, a mixture of CEO billionaire and dangerous shadow. Power oozed from every pore of his body wrapped in an expensive, black Armani suit. He was hands down, the hottest man I had ever seen. From the moment we met, he featured in all my fantasies, played the starring role.

Even if hewas old enough to be my father, a young father, but still. Just glancing his way made my heart race, my pussy pulse, and my skin flush.

“Shit,”Tatiana groaned out loud. “Hotel it is. Text me when he’s gone.”

She disappearedbefore I could say another word. My eyes searched out for hers and the twins' frames, but they were nowhere to be spotted. Tatiana had a knack for disappearing, I’d give her that.

“Hey babe,”a voice whispered in my ear. “You are looking hot.” My head snapped behind me. A face in a mask, the creepy Joker mask, stared at me. I attempted to inch away but someone was right behind me. “Want to get out of here?”

I shookmy head and answered, just to ensure there was no misunderstanding. “No.”

“Babe, it’s me,”his muffled voice came through the mask.

He smelled like a liquor store.How unattractive! Besides, I didn’t give a crap who it was, all my body wanted to focus on was Vasili striding towards us like a hunter. The creep in front of me shifted his mask to give me a glimpse of his face before moving it back into place. It was Jason, the creep. Now I gave a crap even less. Jason was the university’s star football player, and his only purpose during our four years of college was to get into my pants.

Shiftingmy body away from him again, he followed, invading my space. I hated people in my space. His hand came to my chest, his body pressing against me. I shoved at him hard, detesting the feel of his body so close to me. Instead of taking the hint, he pushed against me harder, grinding. Like that would ever turn me on!

“Get the fuck away from me,”I hissed, trying hard not to make a scene. I hated damn drunks that didn’t know how to take no for an answer.

From the peripheralof my eyes, I noticed Vasili Nikolaev striding angrily towards us. Even from here, I could see the fury burning in his pale blue eyes. Tatiana must have done something seriously wrong to piss him off like that. Though, I was surprised he kept coming my way instead of going after his sister.

Tatiana’s brothermoved across the crowded dance floor with such ruthless power and raw confidence. He didn’t have to shove his way through because everyone parted ways, making a path for him. He moved like a panther but had a lion’s stocky body. The stormy look on his face told everybody to fuck off or threatened to chew up anyone that got in his way.

Jason’s handkept inching down, creeping its way to the inside of my thigh, and Vasili was forgotten. I slapped Jason’s hand away. He still didn’t get the hint and kept going. I struggled against him, shoving at him again, trying to push him away. It was for naught because he was like a wall. You’d think the guy next to me or anyone in this crowded room would step in… but fuck no. They all had the status of badass to uphold.

Before Jason’shand reached for my panties, while I continued struggling against him, Vasili’s big hand wrapped around Jason’s neck, and all I could do was stare at those ink decorated fingers, tattoos of a cross, queen of hearts, and pointed star. God, I loved his hands, those tattoos. So fucking hot!

“She said no,”he growled through his teeth, his Russian accent more prominent than ever. “I see you touching her again, I’ll slice your throat open.”

Jason’s eyesbulged out of his head like two balloons. As if Jason weighed nothing, Vasili lifted him up into the air like a ragdoll, Jason’s feet dangling. Although his strength lurked underneath those expensive suits all along, I had never seen him get violent before. And Tatiana and I pushed his buttons quite a bit.

I staredat the scene unfolding in front of me; Jason’s eyes wide and scared. If I wasn’t so shocked, I might have laughed because he looked ridiculous. Next thing I knew, he threw Jason, his body flying like a sack of potatoes across the floor. Jason slid before scrambling to his feet, running off to who knew where.

Vasili’spale blue eyes shifted to me, fury clear in his gaze. I guessed he must have seen Tatiana disappear on him and would probably blame me now.

Ugh, worst Halloween ever! But hey, I got to see him. Which probably wasn’t good for this crazy crush I had on him.

His eyes traveledfrom my obnoxiously high black heels, over my bare legs to my curve hugging, pink mini dress, and up to my face.

My eyebrows creased with confusion.I was certain there was fury in those eyes just a moment ago, but now I couldn’t see any trace of it. It was replaced with something dangerous and hot, sending my body into some heated overdrive.

I swallowed hard,my mouth suddenly too dry.

“Tatiana is not here,”I rasped, a rapid pulse stuck in my throat.

“Did he hurt you?”He growled at another frat boy that stepped too close, Vasili’s big shoulder shoving him away and his frame blocking the crowd of bodies from me.

“No,”I barely got the words out. He was so close, I felt the heat radiating from his body and straight to my core. This man could make me lust after him and be scared of him all in the same second. “Thank you,” I muttered under my breath. I should look away from him but I couldn’t muster the strength, the beauty of those pale glaciers captivating me. The heat in his gaze excited me.

“Let’s go.”If he’d told me to jump off a mountain at that moment, I worried I’d go willingly. And, his accent! I’d only heard him speak a handful of times, but that accent alone could bring me to my knees. My temperature instantly spiked. Great, now I had an image of sucking him off while on my knees.

Yes, I definitely need my brain checked because there is no denying it. I want to get laid by this man.

Taking my arm,his grip firm but gentle, he guided me out of the frat house; his jaw pressed tightly. His touch scorched my bare skin, and for some reason, the silence felt thick and heavy between us. The urge to say something and have his eyes back on me itched beneath my skin, like a need for another shot of adrenaline.

There was sucha dark expression on his face, I was scared to ask where he was taking me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, considering how often Tatiana and I got in trouble. But usually, she was always here with me, buffering her big brother’s tension and grumpiness.

It tookme several minutes to realize he was walking me back to my dorm.

“Ummm, Tatiana is out.”Was he looking for his sister? He wouldn’t find her sleeping. Did he not see her ditch him at the party? “She didn’t know you were coming,” I muttered a lame excuse.

Otherwise,she would have been gone a long time ago. Me too. Maybe.

I loved seeing him,feeding my porn fantasies in those brief encounters we had. But I’d told myself only this morning that my fascination and lust after Tatiana’s oldest brother wasn’t healthy. He was twenty years older than me. He would never see me as anything but a brat that hung out with his little sister.

Yes, my Halloween resolution! No more lusting after Vasili Nikolaev. It would have been easier to uphold that resolution if he didn’t show up today.

Vasili didn’t comment.He always had that stoic personality but a response or acknowledgement would be nice. Men were weirdos!

I half-expectedhim to take off any second and let me get back to my dorm. He was walking too fast, and I kept tripping in my high heels, trying to keep up. Each time I stumbled, he just caught me. The man had some amazing reflexes… and biceps. And every time he touched me, a shot of electricity jolted my body, my blood sizzling with need for more of his touch.

Once we werein the dorm building, I hoped he’d send me on my way, but instead, he eyed me, again, from my heels, up my bare legs all the way up to my face. It felt like the gentlest and hottest caress. My cheeks flushed, although I wasn’t sure why. The way he looked at me was totally hot.

Then in one swift move,he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as I squealed in surprise.

“What the hell-”

A loud slapon my ass. “Hey! You can’t-”

Smack.Another slap on my ass.

“What the fuck, man?”I grunted. Yes, he is hot but who in the fuck did he think he was?


A yelp escaped me,my ass on fire from his hand. I couldn’t quite distinguish whether my ass was burning from pain or desire. I worried it was the latter because I felt tingling between my thighs, and I had to stop my body from arching my butt higher up so he’d smack it again.

No, not smack it, Isabella. Just touch it. Maybe rub it a bit. Damn it, I was getting horny.

He walked upfive flights of stairs with me slumped over his shoulder and his breathing never even sped up. Like I weighed nothing. I wiggled, trying to get comfortable on his shoulder and eyeing his backside. Damn, even upside down, he looked gorgeous.

Maybe I can run my hands down his muscled back. It seemed like a great idea. Just a little touch.

“Unless you wantanother smack on your ass, be still,” he growled in his thick Russian accent, and instantly desire pooled between my thighs. Holy mother of God, I was turned on. Like really, really turned on.

I instantly stilled,not wanting to earn another smack on my butt. It would be utterly embarrassing if evidence of my desire trickled down my inner thigh, revealed by this obnoxiously short dress, and he realized how turned on I was. I had no idea what was happening or what his deal was. This man had never touched me, except to help me out of the car when he had to drive us home from our rendezvous with trouble.

I keptmy mouth pressed tight, counting the stairs to keep my mind off the painful throb between my thighs. Or to stop my mind from imagining all kinds of creative, sexy images involving Vasili as the star role of my porn movie. God, that ass! I bet there wasn’t an ounce of fat on it. Fuck, I want to lick and kiss every inch of his body!

“Keys.”Short demand. He wasn’t a communications type of guy. I peeked, upside down, over his torso and saw he stood in front of our dorm room.

“I can-”

“Isabella, you want another smack?”Gosh how I loved my name on his lips.

Quickly,I dug into my bra and pulled the key out. It was harder doing it upside down, but I wasn’t going to point out the obvious. He might smack my butt again. I would get myself off the second he left. It wouldn’t take me long.

“Here,”I murmured, handing him the key over his body, watching him unlock the door. God, he had beautiful hands. Big, rough, and sexy, those tattoos on his fingers fascinating.

Yes, I am obsessed with his hands. With all of him!

Once,we were in the dorm room, I slid off his shoulder, the front of my body brushing against his hard muscles all the way till my feet touched the floor. The haze in my brain made me disoriented and slow, yet I wasn't sure whether it was from his touch or because I was upside down while he carried me up the stairs.

I stood there,waiting, our gazes locked in a heated, unspoken exchange. He made me feel so much… nervous, turned on, scared, excited, hopeful. All wrapped up in a whirlwind of emotions when I looked at him or even thought about him. Nobody had ever affected me like this. He made me feel starved for his brief glances thrown my way, for his deep voice that soaked through me like a delicious, smooth whiskey and most of all his touch.

“Welcome to the den of sin,”I rambled nervously, feeling flustered as my eyes roamed his body, imagining all kinds of sinful deeds. The den of sin was mine and Tatiana’s nickname for our dorm room. This room has seen some crazy shit over the last three and a half years.

And right now, I really want to sin with this man.

His one eyebrow shot up,and I offered him a smile. “It’s what we named our room.”


“Yeah.”Ugh, stop talking Bella!

I shifted uncomfortably,my cheeks burning. I bit my lower lip to prevent any more words coming out, but unfortunately, I couldn’t shut my mind down. Every piece of this man’s body was a masterpiece, even his neck. The tan skin made my mouth water, my blood sing and my most intimate part clench… all for him.

He moved backto the door, and the locking sound echoed through the room. It never even occurred to me to question why. The whole thing barely registered in my mind, because all I could do was stare at that bulky, tall frame. That beautiful, strong face. His sharp, angular features with high cheekbones portrayed harshness and cruelty, but I didn’t care. I loved his face. Those muscles that filled his expensive, custom-made suit. I craved to see more of him, like my life depended on it. How many times did I wish I could catch a glimpse of him naked?

My heart thunderedand my earlier resolution was out the window. This man was a masterpiece, everything from his mouth, unusual hair color, all the way down to his expensive shoes. I chewed on my lip, picturing how it would feel to kiss him.

Just once,I told myself. One taste.

Our eyes metand I held my breath, worried I’d break the moment. Was that desire in his eyes? His hand came up to my face, and he brushed my cheek with his big fingers, the touch feather light. It shot shivers down my body. I had never felt anything like it when touched by anyone else. A pure shot of lust.

His gaze wasone of a predator, hungry and intense. Heat burned in those beautiful eyes, igniting every inch of my skin.

The next second,his lips crashed against mine, his strong hands wrapping around my body and molding me to his chest. My pulse skyrocketed, tremors vibrated through my blood with an intensity I would never forget. His warm breath was the oxygen I never knew I needed.

A moan echoedthrough the empty room, and it was mine. He felt so good, each fiber of me shivering for him. His tongue thrust into my mouth, tasting me, kissing me with passion and need. The same need that I felt for him.

I felthis hard cock pressed against my stomach and the feeling made my pussy clench. My body fit perfectly against his, like we’d done this thousands of times before. Like my body was always meant to mold into his.

Not one singlereason worked at that moment. Even if it did, I’d wanted this from the second I’d laid eyes on him. All my thoughts fled, leaving only one behind.

I crave this man. More. I would have more from him.

In frantic movements,we kicked off our shoes. In one swift move, he got rid of my dress, discarding it onto the floor. The sound of a zipper was followed by the tearing sound of my panties. He tossed my shredded panties to the floor and my eager hands stripped his suit jacket off, letting it fall onto the ground. Then in rushed, swift movements I unbuttoned his crisp white shirt, eager to see him and feel his skin under my fingers.

The momentI saw his ripped, hard abs, a gasp left my lips. He was a work of art; muscles underneath sun-kissed, tanned skin.

I reached for his pants,my eyes eager to see all of him. He must have been just as eager because he assisted with getting rid of his pants and then his socks followed. My mouth dried at his magnificent body, my eyes drinking in the sight. From his strong, wide shoulders to his chest, amazing abs to… My eyes lingered on his torso.

“Fuck,”I muttered, swallowing hard. He was big, everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

He pushedhis body closer to mine, skin on hot skin. Every inch of me hummed with overwhelming need for him, inflaming my skin.

This is what I have been waiting for, this man!

I thoughtI’d burn out any second. His big, rough hands roamed all over my body, marking it as his. Everywhere he touched, he left a sizzling, hot sensation in its wake.

I panted with need,unrecognizable words leaving my lips, and his murmuring words in Russian that I couldn’t understand. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had spoken them in English anyway. I was too far gone; I wouldn’t have understood any of it.

He slammedme against the wall, his lips back on mine. His tongue was merciless, tangling with mine, tasting me, exploring every inch of my mouth. My moans and our heavy breathing were the only sounds in the room. The whole world ceased to exist. This was so much better than any of my fantasies.

I hookedmy leg around his waist and felt his cock against my entrance. I had to feel him inside me. There was a lingering thought I should tell him. I should warn him that I was a virgin. I pushed the thought aside and kissed him feverishly, eager for all of him.

He grabbed my ass,both my legs hooked around him and without warning, he slammed inside me, all the way to the hilt and a scream escaped me. I knew there would be pain, I just didn’t expect that much pain. He stilled, his eyes searching out mine.

“You’re so big,”I murmured breathlessly.

I didn’t wanthim to stop because I was a virgin; I needed this. He needed it; I could sense it within every cell of my body. He had to sate this need in the pit of my belly. The flames burned through my veins, and he was the only one that could extinguish them.

“Please, don’t stop,”I breathed out.

If I had only knownhe’d set a blazing inferno that my body would never forget.

His hand reached between us,his finger on my clit, while his mouth trailed down my neck, nipping and marking my skin. The pain slowly eased and a soft moan escaped me as his finger rubbed my sensitive spot. My body arched into him, wanting him closer, needing more of him.

I wrappedmy legs tightly around him and he started moving, slow initially and then faster and harder. His control slipped with each thrust. He fucked me relentlessly and hard. The initial burning sensation each time he thrust into me changed into friction and hot need. His right hand roamed roughly all over my body while his left kept me pinned against the wall, rutting me with ruthless, primitive need.

I searched out his lips,needing to taste him again. He took my mouth, offering me everything I could have ever dreamed of in his kiss and touch. He sucked on my tongue, kissing hard, setting a blaze through me. My vision turned hazy, my heart thundering hard against my chest, matching the pulse between my legs. We kissed frantically, hunger and desperation mixing as he continued pounding into me. Each time he moved, he pushed against my throbbing clit taking me higher and higher.

His lips traileddown my neck, Russian words against my skin. My head fell back against the wall with his name on my lips, a soft moan. Closing my eyes, the heat built and my heart stilled for a fraction of a second before my body burst into a million pieces. A languid heat swam through my bloodstream as my pussy clenched around his thick cock and my body convulsed against his as a liquid pleasure burst through every single fiber of me.

“Malyshka,”he grunted loudly, his hips working like pistons, thrusting into me through my orgasm. “Fuck.”

He bit into my collarbone,branding me as his before he followed me over the cliff, shuddering in my arms. This was addictive. Amazing. I wanted more. He murmured foreign words against my neck and my body melted. For him.

The thunderingin my ears eased and my heartbeat slowed. Slowly the lust haze lifted, and my eyes widened as I realized what had just happened.

I hadsex with Vasili Nikolaev, the guy I have been fantasizing about since the moment we met. Tatiana’s brother!

I gently pushed against him,my limbs shaky as my legs met the floor again. I had never imagined it was possible to fly that high. Yes, there was pain, but it was all forgotten the moment he started moving inside me.

Our eyes metand there was an indescribable look in his beautiful pale eyes. I found myself never wanting to look away, wishing he was mine.

He slowly knelt downand lifted my dress. The panties were unsalvageable, kind of like my heart and body at this moment. Because after three long years, they were finally his.

“Thanks,”I murmured shyly, looking away. It was weird, I wanted to drown in his gaze forever but the intensity of my own feelings right now had me looking away.

He grabbed his pants,pulled them up and went to tuck himself in when his movement froze. I risked a glance to see what he was looking at when I saw blood on his shaft.

I biton my lip and risked a glance at his face. There was disbelief there.

“You were a virgin?”His voice was raspy, the look on his face one of shock.

“Ummm, it’s not a big deal.”My face was inflamed with embarrassment, again.

He shovedhis pants back off and lifted me into his arms. “Yes, it is. Let me take care of you properly, malyshka.”

Holy shit!We’d get to do this again? It was on the tip of my tongue to say he took great care of me but then stopped myself. I wanted more, to feel him again all over me.

He carriedme into the bathroom and sat me on the counter. I watched him move around the small bathroom, his big frame making it appear even smaller and wondered what he planned to do.

He turnedon the shower and then returned to me.

“I’ll cleanyou up and then I’ll worship you all night long,” he murmured softly, his face nuzzled in the crook of my neck. My body instantly responded. It was amazing how at ease I felt with him. It was no wonder I fell for him.

“CanI do the same to you?” I usually wasn’t that open and forward, but for some reason, I wanted to experience it all with him. Take it all, and give it all.

He tookmy hand and placed it on his cock. He was hard again, pre-cum glistening at the tip of it, and with my thumb, I smeared it down his shaft, his cum mixing with remnants of my blood. My fingers wrapped around his smooth thickness, exploring his length. His shaft twitched under my touch, getting harder with each second, and I stared at it in amazement, licking my lips.

“Later,”he murmured in a hoarse voice, his accent thick. Damn, his accent did things to me.

A sensual ghostof a smile lingered on his face making him look breathtakingly beautiful. It was the first time I’d seen the semblance of a smile on his face, and my chest warmed at the sight of it. I loved his smile, no matter how small it was.

Both his handswrapped around my waist, lifting me up. My legs instinctively looped around his hips and he walked us into the shower with ease. The heavy spurts of warm water flowing from the showerhead felt good on my skin.

What felt even better was feelinghis body flushed against mine. My legs slid, and I planted my feet firmly onto the tiled floor, his body still pressed against mine and his eyes burning like blue flames.

“You’re beautiful, malyshka.”

I feltmy cheeks warm at his compliment. He was more beautiful, all hard muscle, not an ounce of fat on any part of him. My hands gently skimmed over his body, exploring every inch of him. His skin felt warm under my fingers, his muscles sculpted and strong.

Watchinghim through my hooded eyelids, I couldn’t tear my gaze away from him, water trickling down his big, strong body. Despite water sprinkling down on us, my mouth was dry, and my pulse raced with excitement.

“Look at me.”The timbre of his voice vibrated through me, and I raised my head to meet his eyes. He lowered his head slowly and his lips started with soft kisses on my jaw. The soft sigh escaped my mouth and my head tilted up, offering him my lips. Or maybe I was begging for his lips on mine, I wasn’t sure. All I knew was that I needed more… more of him, more of us, more of this.

He tookmy offering and his mouth took mine, my lips opening up for his tongue. I moaned into his mouth, needy. This man was worth every second of waiting. He was perfect for me. Our tongues wrapped together, our kissing becoming frantic and hungry. This passion flared with each touch and kiss he gave me, setting off fireworks through my bloodstream.

“I’m goingto eat your pussy.” His voice vibrated through my body, igniting flames that no shower could extinguish.

He pushedmy back against the wall and dropped to his knees on the shower floor. My mouth parted as I watched him eye me like a desert. Both his hands gripped my hips and his head buried into my pussy.

“Fuck!”A moaning groan echoed in the small shower as his mouth took its first taste of my pussy. My fingers tangled through his hair, gripping it for support or as my anchor, I wasn’t sure.

“Vasili,”I panted, writhing against the wall, but his grip had me pinned. My heart pounded in my ears, as my moans echoed through the small bathroom.

My skin burned,and my body shuddered with every lick of his tongue, each nip of his teeth against my clit.

His rough fingersdug into my soft hips and they bucked against his face, needing more.

“Oh my God,”I whimpered. His one hand traced down my hip, down my inner thigh, and I felt his finger slide inside me, filling me. I threw my head back, relishing the sensation. My mind blank of all other thoughts, Vasili’s name on repeat in my brain. Or maybe I was chanting it, I had no idea.

My body shookwith need that only he could sate. I was so close, heat rushing through my veins as I struggled to breathe.

He hummedhis approval and it shot through me, vibrating against my pussy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,”I chanted, his finger pumped deeper and deeper. Panting, I kept squirming under his firm hold. “I’m- I’m so-”

I couldn’t finishthe thought. I was going to burst any second, chasing that intense, blazing pleasure. I lowered my head and our gazes met. My breath stuck in my throat, seeing desire in his beautiful eyes. Vasili was a god; there was no doubt in my mind.

His big shoulders against me,his mouth ate me out like a starved man. Another finger joined his first one, he thrust in and out of me, taking me higher and higher. Every rational thought evaporated and I broke apart, the orgasm crashing through me like a tidal surge. Sudden, strong, and shattering.

Pantingmoans whimpered on my lips as my body twitched slightly in the aftermath of the most amazing orgasm.

He liftedhis body to a standing position, the water raining down on us.

“Holy shit,”I murmured, my eyelids heavy, and my body slumped against him. I pushed my face into the crook of his neck, breathing deeply as my heart rate slowed. I want to do this with him for the rest of my life, I thought to myself.

His one handwrapped around my ass while his other tangled into my hair, his fingers gently gripped my strands.

“Too tired to keep going?”he asked darkly, as he gently pulled my head back so he could see my eyes.

“Never,”I smiled lazily, pressing myself against him. He was making me greedy, this feeling with him addictive and thrilling.

“Good,”he groaned, and I felt his hard shaft against me. “Because we’ve barely gotten started.”

A small gaspon my lips, I lowered my eyes between our bodies. His cock was rock hard, reaching for me, needing me as much as I needed him. God, was this normal? To feel this intensity with someone was exhilarating and exciting, it made me feel alive. And I had an inclination to think it was only because of him.

I reachedout for his cock and stroked the smooth flesh over his hardness. His dick responded with a jerk, while I watched it with fascination. My thumb circled the tip of his hard length, cum glistening at the tip of it and then I smeared it down his shaft.

“I want to taste you,”I murmured, never looking away from his cock.

“Nothing would please me more,”he rasped and his next words just about set me on fire again. “Get on your knees, Isabella.”

I openedmy eyes and met Vasili’s gaze, watching me. He was sitting at my desk, his big frame probably uncomfortable in the small chair. He had his pants on, but his tanned chest was on full display. I still couldn’t believe last night. I’ve had a crush on him since freshman year; never thought he’d spare me a second glance or second thought. Till last night.

My body was sore,the sweetest exhaustion settled in my bones after all the things we did last night. Gosh, I felt good, sated… hmmm, happy. I smiled at him, but he didn’t return the smile and something in my chest squeezed with worry.

I pulledup the sheet and held it against my chest as I sat up, covering my naked body.  “Is everything okay?”

“I have to go.”Something was off, but my brain was too slow to catch up.

“Okay,”I murmured, searching his face. He was a hard man to read. “When-” I pulled my knees up to my chest feeling vulnerable but unwilling to let life decide whether I should have this man or not. “When can I see you again?”

“That’s not a good idea.”My heart sank at his words and confusion settled in.

He wanted me;almost as much as I wanted him. I felt it. “Why not?”

Maybe I should have donethe usual and kept my walls up, unwilling to face anyone’s rejection. But for some reason, with him, I always wanted to challenge him, push his buttons.

“Why not?”I repeated.

“Because you arein way over your head, Isabella,” he gritted out, sudden anger in his voice and eyes.

“I don’t understand,”I murmured, confused. When he didn’t elaborate, I added in a small voice, “Please talk to me.”

I was pathetic,in the early morning light, begging a man to talk to me. To explain something that was abundantly clear. But I struggled to understand the sudden change. What we had shared last night was amazing, beyond my wildest dreams.

“What is there to talk about?”His voice felt like the icy whip of a bitter cold wind against my skin. “It was just a fuck, Isabella.” He smirked but my brain refused to process it. “After all, your family should be familiar with fucking their way around.”

In a swift movement,he stood up and went to gather the rest of his clothes that were scattered all over my room. He started getting dressed, never even glancing my way. Then headed for the door.

Confusion struck me.“What are you talking about?”

My heart ached,an unfamiliar burn spreading in my chest, making it hard to breathe. Tears blurred my vision as I watched his inked back turned to me, his broad shoulders mocking me.

“Your mother destroyed my family.”He turned his head and those pale eyes that burned all night were colder than Alaskan temperatures in the winter. “She spread her legs for my father and destroyed our family in the process. Took a mother from Sasha and Tatiana, cost a wife her life.”

His words werelike a slap in the face. My mom would never do anything like that. She wasn’t a homewrecker. Was she? For Christ’s sake, she went to church every Sunday like clockwork.

“I don’t understand,”I muttered. I was twenty-one, and yes, it was unusual that I waited this long to lose my virginity, but now that I did, I refused to believe I made a mistake. He never looked at me with distaste like this. I have known him and had a crush on him for over three years. “You didn’t have to sleep with me to tell me all this,” I breathed out.

Breathing became harder,each inhale spreading chest pain. It was so hard to reconcile this man with the one from last night. He caressed me all night, worshiped me. And then he burned it all to ashes. None of it was real. Only someone cruel and ruthless could touch me, take my body and heart, knowing I was just a pawn for him. But then, I knew that about Vasili Nikolaev; his ruthlessness lurked on the surface from the moment I met him.

“But I did,”he growled, his tone low and menacing. “Imagine my surprise when I discovered you were Tatiana’s college roommate. Like a pretty wrapped present, you fell right in my lap.” He paused, watching me pensively. “Your mother fucked my father and in return destroyed my family. What better way to repay the favor?”

I stared at him,my wretched heart breaking with each passing second. It hurt so bad; I found it hard to breathe. How did I never see his hate before?

“You are a sick bastard,”I snapped, throwing words at him because I had no other weapon. I had no idea why my mother would have done anything to him or his family. She was one of the most caring people to walk this earth. I had never even heard of the Nikolaev name till I met Tatiana, our first day of college. What kind of freaky coincidence was this? Damn karma indeed! “And pathetic,” I added in a breathless tone. “You couldn’t find a better method of revenge than to sleep with the daughter of your supposed enemy.”

He movedin a flash and was on me in a blink. The anger flamed in his eyes and penetrated down to my soul. I flinched when he gripped my face, and I hated that I wasn’t stronger or at least a better actress.

“Watch it, Isabella.”His voice was low and soft, but there was so much cold threat in it; I didn’t doubt he could dish out worse revenge than taking my body and my heart. “I made you moan and scream my name in pleasure last night. I can make you scream my name in terror just as easily. Then you’ll find out how sick I am.”

My breath shook,and the stupid, twisted side of me actually tried to find a slither of hope in that statement. Maybe he cared about me. If he made it good for me last night, maybe he cared after all. If he hated me, he wouldn’t have bothered to make it good for me. Right?

“Why?”I mustered the courage to ask.

“Why what?”He seemed annoyed at my question.

“Why did you sleep with me?”

“You wanted me,and I wanted you,” he retorted matter-of-factly like he was talking about the weather. He was more focused on his clothes than me or my heart that he shattered to pieces with each word he uttered. “Now that I’ve had you, I’m sated, and I can move on to the next best thing. Besides, with you, it was a two for one. I got to fuck you and dish out revenge.”

My chest ached,each breath I took squeezing my chest further. ”That is so cruel,” I whispered in a shaky voice. “Heartless. Making love should be about caring not hate.”

“Isabella, we just fucked,”Vasili’s voice was cold. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

How could he say that?It was everything to me.

“Besides, you were so easy,”he added. I met his eyes in confusion. “Your mother took from my family, so I took from your mother.”

After a tense pauseand my stupid mind looking for excuses for his cruelty, I watched Vasili’s broad shoulders as he headed towards the door, leaving me behind like a worthless piece of furniture.

“It wasn’t justa fuck for me,” I whispered. Why did I have to humiliate myself more? His words couldn’t have been clearer; he didn’t want me. He used me. He hated who I was, just by default. Each beat of my heart ached… physically ached.

He halted,his body stiff, but he didn’t turn around. From all the scenarios I imagined for the walk of shame morning after I’d lost my virginity, this was not one of them.

“If I knewyou’d be a dick, like the rest of the college boys, I could have just saved myself time and slept with them. Marriages fall apart every day. I agree, my mother shouldn’t have caved in to your father, but it takes two to cheat. Maybe they cared for each other. You couldn’t have gone through all this just because two adults had an affair. What could possibly be worth doing something like this?”

“Ask your mother.She cost lives that could never be repaid. Be thankful I let you live.”

He glanced over his shoulder,his pale gaze on me and shivers ran down my body. Even after the crude words he had just spoken, my body still craved him. It had responded this way to him from the moment we met. You’d think after three and a half years, I’d get used to it or it would ease up, but it only got stronger.

“Do you want the truth, Isabella?”I frowned at his question, watching him lean against the dorm door, his big frame pretty much covering the entire doorway. He casually stuck his hands into his pockets, the cold and hard expression on his face alarming, but my brain refused to register the warning.

“The truth?”The change in him was hard to adjust to after everything. The heated and passionate man from last night that ignited my body was gone. In its place was a cold, ruthless stranger. But even more unnerving was his hate; it went from cold to burning hate.

“The truth,Isabella, is that you were a willing pawn to my revenge. My mother lost her life. Your mother took from a Nikolaev, and we always settle the score. Neither you nor your mother should play with wolves.”

I asked for that one,didn’t I? I had pathetically worn my heart on my sleeve for this man.

It will never happen again.For anyone!

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