Kenneth by Emily Evans


My phone rings just as I board the Cessna 172, and I’m eager to answer it.

“Hello,” I say to my assistant. “No. I’ve told you several times not to accept documents from other departments without informing me first,” I yell at her, but wonder if she’s even listening.

“No. I will not be back for a while. Right now I’m boarding a plane in Anchorage to Virgin Falls.”

The pilot is signaling me to get off the phone, but I ignore him. The only thing I hate more than wildlife is flying, so I try to delay it as long as possible. My stomach has already begun to churn from anticipation.

“No, I’m not cutting my vacation short. I haven’t seen my grandmother in years.”

“Excuse me, miss. We are about to take off. Can you turn off the phone,” the pilot asks as he clenches his jaw. I simply wave him away and give my assistant instructions to go to Amelia, another coworker, so she can properly instruct my assistant on how to handle the project she accepted without my permission.

“Miss, we need to leave now or they will revoke our clearance,” the pilot yells at me. I notice the tightness in his expression and I know he’s holding himself back. Maybe I have stretched his patience a little too thin.

Still, I watch him with a fixed expression as I say goodbye to my assistant. “There are you. Happy now?” I ask as the plane lifts off the ground. The pilot says nothing and I do the same, distracting myself with my phone. Although I can’t help but notice how attractive he is, with his toned body and sculpted face. I sneak at look at the side of his face and the hairs on my neck stand straight up.

A sensation flows down my body and I feel it in my loins.

We are about ten minutes in flight when he speaks again.

“I bet you’re a city girl, huh?”

“Why do you say that?” I answer his question with a question.

“The way you’re dressed, for one. Those shoes will get ruined the moment you set foot in Virgin Falls.”

I look down at my shoes and see no problems with them. Stilettoes are a girl's best friend.

“And those bags,” he nods his head in the direction of my Samsonite set.

“What’s wrong with my bags?”

“Nothing. Other than that, you have lots of them. I bet you won’t use half the stuff in there.”

Wow. He may be handsome, but he is also a total prick. What is it with me being attracted to guys with terrible attitudes? He turns around and smiles at me and I get a full view of him. I hold my chest as my heart skips a few beats from the indent of his dimples. My plane pilot is sexy, as in smoking hot. He wears his dark brown hair to his neck, and it teases the edges of his face, but it does not take away from his handsomeness. It adds to it. It gives his light complexion life and adds to his well-built physique.

Despite his handsomeness, I give him one nasty sneer, and he knows exactly what it means. The pilot salutes me and puts all his attention back on flying the plane. I copy his action and stare out of the window to distract myself from his sexy lips. Something I partially regret doing. Because if I didn’t, I would not have noticed the line of dark clouds floating towards us.